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Polyurethane Industry

Polyurethanes have become the need of our modern day lifestyle. It can be found in every corner of our house, office and our vehicles. Polyurethanes have unlimited application such as soft flexible foam, rigid insulation, liquid coatings and paints, tough elastomers, elastic fiber and many more beyond our imaginations. Polyurethane was an invention of Prof. Dr. Otto Bayer, it was developed to replace the rubber and today it has went beyond that.

saanglobalPU Foam application is one of biggest applications which have become a Giant Industry. Flexible Foam and Rigid Foam are the two types of Polyurethane Foam. With the variety of usage Pu foam the market demand is increasing for various applications. PU Foam has made a significant mark in our luxury life styles by becoming an important raw material for every appliance we use, the luxury we admire for and every basic need to live with.

Gap & challenges in Foaming Industry

In India which is one of the fastest developing markets for all products offers various opportunities to the new and existing manufacturers in Pu Foaming Industry. With the opportunities there are also certain and uncertain challenges which every manufacturer face and overcome.

Overseas Competition & matching international Standards. Increasing overseas entry has increased the product standards which are a good thing and the Indian manufacturers are learning regularly and giving head to head completion to Importers. With the regular R&D and new testing with industry experts they are developing innovative solutions for end customers and different markets.

Too Strong environment rules & regulations which always need to be considered. This is important part to always conscious about because a business which don’t affect others is the ethical business. And arranging for all the eco friendly work process and to maintain those standards becomes more challenging.

Handling of various active chemical at same time. To produce the foam you need different active chemicals at same time and it become very important to be conscious and follow all the precautions.

Unavailability of quality raw material. Many times the availability of raw material becomes concern. The imported raw material is not easily available in certain situation so it becomes challenging for the manufacturers to match the international standards with local raw material or the low quality material.

Uncertain price as these chemicals are accounted as commodity and the market price fluctuate regularly. The manufacturers who maintain the inventory on the just in time bases may face high fluctuations in their production cost.

Saan Global, being an experienced supplier in the market from last 2 decades and with the on ground knowledge and technical expertise of the management. We share our knowledge with the manufacturers and give our technical consultancy for the optimum utilization of the resources. SAAN Global working as a strong chain link of the polyurethane industry in-between chemical manufacturers and the foam manufacturers, offer various solution and guidance to easily overcome the challenges for the manufacturers.

Consultancy Scope

Saan Global endeavour to supply various products & services which help our clients to get the best product and have an edge in the market and to compete in market with high standards & overcome the market challenges. We give an innovative solution to overcome every challenge of polyurethane Industry.

Production Improvement, Quality Improvement and compassion Changes for new Product. Saan Global can Help

We offer engineering and polyurethane foam processing assistance to help increase production, satisfy new environmental regulations, update equipment technology, and expand production in existing plants and to various countries. We also assist and help in new product creations and to find out and selecting new compositions for better market delivery.

New Plant & Plant Expansion

Saan Global can help you design the most efficient plant layout, determine equipment and planning for chemical bulk storage needs, select the correct chemicals and blowing agents, and manage the project. Through our alliance partners, we can even provide local start-up and support for expansions in the various countries such as Europe, Australia, United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, China, Southeast Asia and other locations around the world.

Production & Polyurethane Process Improvement

Designing your raw material schedule for better optimization of place and Costing, Planning your production cycles & Production format of various qualities in same line, Actions for efficiency improvement. We evaluate your foam manufacturing process to improve quality, reduce scrap, minimize downtime, cost effective inventory planning and right raw material from right brand. We upgrade your existing plant & Process and help you to get the best to successfully compete in market.