SAAN Global functions with the ultimate aim of being a global company. We comprehend the dire prospects of having both short term and long term visions in making (y)our dreams a reality. We have dedicated ourselves in achieving top line sales in the current business year, we expect to cross the unexpected limit of INR 1000 crores within a decade, that is by 2022.

We believe in taking short but promising steps—our goal is to reach the benchmark. And we know exactly what will carry us there. In the coming business year , we wish to expand our product portfolio by introducing more diversifications. We would like to set up in-house manufacturing units for our products to facilitate better resource options, volume flexibility, competitive pricing, and customization. A careful materialization of our plan of taking up the distribution of new companies will enable us to fetch new customer bases.

Our dream is to climb higher and higher until the summit is reached. We expect to invest ourselves more in newer upcoming markets not only in the domestic sphere but also in the international arena. We target to establishment ourselves in the international markets of other SAARC nations. To achieve this, we are already planning to expand our horizons to our neighboring countries—Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan. We keep carrying out acquisitions of suitable small manufacturers of specialty chemicals to enhance the range of our products. This will also allow us to penetrate through new markets and build a sustainable customer case.