Testimonials & Reviews

Sunil Kumar (Huntsman Intl.)

“We can sense that you are just not a “buy-sell” person but you have an excellent orientation towards market and technologies. We really appreciate your approach for marketing”

Pardeep Khanna (Mohit Rubber Foam (India) Pvt. Ltd.)

“I am thankful and grateful to you as we as Mr. Reza for doing a successful trail for making memory foam. I am fully satisfied with quality he has made; I wish you best of luck & all success in your life.”

Ronaldo Ranauro (Albemarle Corporation)

“We in Albemarle have very high opinion of you and the work done by Saan Global”

Ajay Bhutani, (Polar Auto Pvt. Ltd.)

“As you are aware that we are in the O.E. Business and our buyers are always aware of the price of raw material this entails that we buy our raw material at the right price or else we no longer remain competitive means we eventually get out of business.

We have had a great relationship with your company and yourself though, we have never met I can tell that you must be a great guy, Our request to you is that we continue this relationship and to do that we both need to work with each other. We have always had a great support from you in terms of supply and service and we appreciate it very much.”