Simplified Solutions and Best Services

Why Us?

Our passion and consistency over the last 20 years to deliver innovative and environment friendly polyurethane chemicals to numerous organisations have been the key to our success. We continuously strive to standardize our services towards greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Saan Global has always worked towards creating enormous value for all its stakeholders. Collaborations for new and better products have been always given priority in our long term goals. Simplified solutions with responsible and proactive servicing are the reasons our partners and clients have held decade long business relationships with us.


To provide quality product with unparalleled support services by highly trained and well motivated workforce through best practices and value creation

To remain a significant player in the chemical industry by means of distributorship and marketing through quality services and products by following the principles of integrity and continuous innovation of customer satisfaction.


Our Team

Ashwani Kumar Sehgal

Managing Partner

A luminary in the chemical industry Mr. Sehgal built a strong legacy. He has more than 45 years of experience and before starting out on his own he held important management positions at T series and Union Carbide. He plays an important role in Saan Global as a guide and a mentor steering the ship as a captain. Mr. Sehgal has this amazing ability to motivate and encourage people to bring their best into the game.

Amit Sehgal

Chief Executive Officer

A charismatic, energetic and passionate chief executive Amit Sehgal brings a progressive and modern mindset into the business. He has more than 18 years of experience in the specialty chemicals space. He has had experience in dealing with clients across Rubber, PVC, Polyurethane, Construction, Petrochemicals, Mattresses and Furniture. A people’s person he leads from the front and is quick in decision making. Speed and execution are his strengths.

Ritu Jain

Vice President – Business Development

Ritu has 16+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies across Industries. With an entrepreneurial mindset and an own start-up experience she is infusing a fresh mindset into the Saan Global system. Her strengths have been marketing and new business development in a Technology or Innovation driven market place. 

Naveen Pathania

General Manager-Non-Sales

A Saan Global loyalist he continues to drive immense value building a strong accounts team & utilizing the company resources effectively. He has strong negotiations skills which helped save cost & manage time while dealing with govt. departments across Saan operations. His strengths are driving perfection in compliances and managing the accounting books. 

Anand Prakash

HR Manager

Anand has been with the company for more than 6 years now. He is a very optimistic and coolheaded personality. To his credit he successfully implemented a Cloud system and manages HR & Admin. processes in SG. 

Dalip Kumar

Senior Manager Finance & Accounts

Dalip has been with the company for more than 8 years. He has strong commitment towards achievement of goals. He is responsible for funds management & strategic cost reduction.  He has been effectively managing cost across multiple value streams. To his credit he has been responsible for the introduction of Internet Banking & an FCNR facility in the Company. He has also been working on Supplier credits.

Shankar Lal

Industry Manager - Sales

Shankar is a tenured sales professional who has spent more than 18 years at the company. He is passionate about work and easily adapts to client’s way of working while managing the negotiations. He brings excellent commercial skills to the table and has been an important part of the journey with year on year achievements of sales targets.

Pradeep Kumar

Industry Manager

Pradeep having spent more than 6 years at SG is seen as an accomplished sales professional.  An effective communicator and a result-oriented person with excellent relationship building & interpersonal skills he has a deep understanding and experience of the sales process. He handles multiple products.

Kewal Arora

Imports, Sourcing, Overseas Operations & Sales

Kewal has been with the company for more than 11 years is known for quality work & a result-oriented approach. He managed aspects leading to reduction in cost of imports and contributed towards profit margins at SG by negotiating sourcing of products by volume. He was made responsible for setting up the overseas offices in Dubai. 

Gaurav Kashyap

Assistant Manager-Imports

Gaurav is managing imports in accordance with organizational policy and procedures. He is also responsible for driving cooperation with suppliers, CHA & transport companies to ensure arrival of goods within required timeframes. 

Pankaj Wadhawan

Assistant Manager, Logistics, warehousing and customer support

Pankaj brings focus, quality and cost reduction as key attributes in his role. He monitors Inventory on a Daily Basis to avoid shortages coordinating with all warehouses for dispatches on time.