Water Rakshak

Water Rakshak

Water Rakshak (masonary water repellent) is a step up from other solutions available in market. It’s a concentrated water repellent based on a special blend of 100% active Silane and Siloxane resins. It is neutral and contains no salts and no solvents.
Water Rakshak is typically designed to replace siliconate for treating clay bricks or tiles or other masonry materials by dipping application in factory. It can also be used for spraying applications in the production line and in site for any mansonry products.


The excellent water shedding properties of masonry water repellent make it an ideal product for use over most masonry substrates including fired clay bricks or any masonry products.


  • 100% active silicone readily soluble in water containing no salts and no solvents.
  • Deeply penetrate into Mansonry substrates.
  • Permanently bonds to the masonry substrates with no peel or blister.
  • Forms UV, alkali stable and durable siloxane crosslinking structure within masonry substrates.
  • Reduce water penetration and prevent efflorescence.
  • Does not change the surface appearance and vapour permeability.

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