Increased safety and structural strength through polyurethanes

Polyurethanes are extensively used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They provide higher structural strength and durability to different materials used in the construction process of almost every building. Coating additives that are polyurethane based are widely used for architectural coatings. Different kinds of foams are used for enhanced insulation and rigidity in doors and windows.

Large or small, polyurethanes have become an essential part of all building materials.  We have wide range of Specialty Chemicals like Antistain & Silicone based Water Repellent also for the Construction Industry. If your organization is looking out for a stable supply of chemicals for producing building materials, then connect with our team and we will handle the rest for you.

Following are the Applications:

Anti-stain – Saan Global Concrete and Stone Protector is a penetrating, water-soluble product designed to help prevent oil and water based stains on interior and exterior surfaces that are porous such as concrete, tile, brick, stone and unglazed tile. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, including driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, swimming pool surrounds and more.

This advanced aqueous polymer solution makes cleaning & wiping easier; also helping prevent stains. It reduces the accumulation of dust so floors can be swept easily and less frequently. The product stands up well to mechanical stresses such as foot and vehicle traffic.

Water Repellent – A water-based silicone water repellent containing 100% active silane/siloxane concentrate. It is neutral and contains no salts or solvents. The product is required to dilute with 1 to up to 700 parts water as a water repellent sealer before the application. The product is typically designed to replace siliconate for treating clay bricks or tiles or other masonry materials by dipping application in factory. The product may be also used for spraying application either in the production line or used in site for any masonry products.



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