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The Cosmetics products industry is a big market and growing at a rapid clip so are the applications. Skin and hair care products are leading the cosmetics markets worldwide in terms of market share with almost a 60% capitalization. We at Saan Global have focused our energies on the supply of specialty chemicals for personal care products.

We are partnering with few of the world’s best cosmetic raw material manufacturers for creating products that create a ‘wow’ factor. We contribute a wide range of chemicals for product enhancements across lotions, shampoos and conditioners to name a few. Saan Global is able to supply a wide array of personal & Home-care formulations that can be used by manufacturers, brands & marketers in this space. They include a carefully developed product range which include the following.

Following are the applications:

  • Skin Care Actives empower customers to take control of their skin health and we provide various applications in Skin Brightening, Sun Protection & Anti-Acne.
  • Butter and waxes are a diverse class of organic compounds that are broadly used in personal care products to modify skin feel, thickening, water proofing, boosting SPF and improving the wash, rub, wear resistance of formulations. They also provide Skin Nourishment & Cure Dryness.
  • Exfoliation or scrubbing involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cell on the skin’s outermost surface.
  • Personal care emulsifiers are workhorse ingredients used in formulations to promote the formation of emulsion or colloidal dispersion. Emulsions are normally two immiscible liquid phase dispersed in one another.
  • We have a wide range of essential oils to create personalized skin serum recipe.
  • Silicones are available in numerous formats providing the formulator with endless possibilities to introduce luscious softness and shine to hair care products, luxurious texture to skin preparations with excellent spreading, long lasting and protecting effects.
  • Actives ingredients can be defined as components of chemical products which can be natural or synthetic and helps directly achieve the performance objectives of the final product. Active ingredients find their applications in a wide range of end use industries such as personal care, pharmaceuticals and pesticides and so on.
  • Most fragrances are a blend of natural oils and specific aroma related compounds which make it possible to create stable fragrances and scents. These fragrances can be used in all personal and home care products.

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