Rubber & Footwear

Saan Global brings to you the latest in specialty chemicals and associated products in the footwear industry.

These products & offerings bring immense value and efficiencies to the footwear manufacturers. Adoption of these applications bring benefits like ease of use, which further help in driving efficiencies, effectiveness and speed during production without compromising on quality. We are carefully putting together an array of globally accepted applications and use cases.

Following are the applications:

  • Eco Friendly Solvent and Water based Release Agents for Footwear Industry for both Polyether and Polyester base systems
    • for PU Soles

    • for Single and Dual Density Safety
    • for Casual Shoes and Sandals.

  • Non – reactive Phthalate Free Colors with low dosage on Polyols which is easy to mix.
  • Customized finishes for Soles (PU, TPR, PVC) for the fashion industry
  • Polyester System for all different types of footwear.



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