About Us

We, at Saan Global, believe in delivering perfection. A successful enterprise is known for its customers’ satisfaction. We are a customer-centric company that works with passion and consistency, every time.

Being in the market for more than two decades, the key to our success is our continuous work improvement and the zeal to learn new and innovative mediums to better our services. The company’s foundations are built upon the values of keeping and maintaining our commitment, clarity and transparency with our business partners. They have helped us build relationships that stand the test of time.

That’s the reason why our customers consider Saan Global as most preferred partner for simplified solutions. We have a long-standing history of experience in innovative and environment-friendly polyurethane and other chemical raw material solutions.

Our passion and consistency over the last twenty years have helped us remain a significant player in the chemical industry as a dependable supplier. Our products quality is backed by our excellent support & service teams.

At Saan Global, we strictly adhere to business ethics. Our innovative ways of doing business in order to become the best chemical company makes us a go-getter!

We continuously strive to improve our services while creating enormous value for all our principals and customers. Collaboration and strategic partnerships have always been on our top chart. Our priority is establishing a long-term goal that leads to lasting relationships.

Simplified solutions, quality products, ethical business practices, relationships and a proactive approach towards industry have kept us desirable among our partners and customers. We feel it is just the beginning; we have a long way to go.

Our Journey So Far

Our Values


At Saan Global, we believe Integrity is the core aspect of any business.
It is an essential ingredient for long-term and sustainable business development. This eventually leads to the company’s growth and success.


Respecting its customers and clients is the best a brand can adhere to. We at Saan Global has been a pioneer in standing upright on our customers’ expectations and demands which ultimately leads to loyalty and retention.

Entrepreneurship Spirit

An entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset and we endure it. It is an approach and attitude of taking ownership and pride in what we do. We actively seek out for new changes with our entrepreneurial spirit that empowers and motivate us.


Innovation is the attitude that we follow.
Our teams are well spirited and are always ready to take active participation in adhering to new and innovative technological changes that can make our products better.

Prompt reply

At Saan Global, we consider our customers as ‘GOD’. We make sure that we are prompt enough to hear and act according to our clients and customers changing requirements. This helps us in keeping our customers loyal to us.


Safety is always the priority. Every manufactured product comes with safety compliance and we make sure that our customers and employees are safe. We understand our role and commitment to the ongoing safety and health measures.