Crop Protection & Yield Booster Agent
Super Spreader for Agrochemical efficacy

“WetLeafs®” is a trusted andtested performance enhancer for various kind of agrochemicals i.e. pesticides to micronutrients and fungicides to herbicides.
It is intended to modify spray mixture behaviour to support in efficacy and pH value stabilization, helps in water conditioning and allows spray solutions to spread and penetrate in plant surface. Sticking property is also for a longer period

  • WetLeafs® is non-ionic by its composition, remains stable and do not have a charge in solution, do not harm plants/ crops and most commonly used as super spreader and super wetter for the horticulture, agriculture and floriculture industry
  • Work like a surfactant which breaks surface tension of the agrochemical droplet and help it pass thorough particle to particle, however its chemistry is slightly different from the surfactants, because of the presence of very low molecular weight of ethoxylatedpolydimethyl siloxane, it improves the efficacy of the herbicides / pesticides and micronutrients
  • Recommended dosage is 0.1% of the agrochemical
  • WetLeafs® is very good in increasing rain fastness of pesticides. It reduces the surface tension and allow micronutrients and fungicides etc. to enter in plant surface through leaf stomata
  • It plays an important role as a catalyst for bio-fortification process


All kinds of Herbicides/ Fungicides/Weedicides/ Pesticides / Nutrients and PGR

Shelf Life

36 Months from Date of Manufacturing

Packing available

20KGs/ 50 KGs / 200KGs


  • Agrochemical formulators
  • Golf Courses
  • Horticulture
  • Floriculture
  • Plantation