Hot Cast Elastomers & Curing Agent

Types of PU Elastomer

PU Elastomer has a wide variety of harnesses: from around 10 Shore A to over 60 Shore D.
PU Elastomer is generally a tough abrasion-resistant material that is good with chemical and solvent resistance.

Hot Cast Elastomers

Our high-quality Elastomer is based on isocyanate-terminated polyester or polyether pre-polymers. The pre-polymer is mixed with a chain extender at elevated temperatures (50 – 130 C) and poured into heated moulds.

  • The most common polyether polyol used is PTMEG (poly tetramethylene ether glycol)
  • The isocyanate used in the pre-polymer can be TDI, MDI or in limited cases of NDI


  • Solid tires: It is used in printing, conveying rubber roll, molding rubber roller, oil seal, gasket ball joint, bushing bearing; O-ring; anti-vibration; timing belt; cushion; shoe sole, posterior root, tip binding; lining; gear and so on. For applications in different fields, Elastomers should be selected at different hardness levels
  • Application in mining, metallurgical and other industries–sieve plate, table concentrator, cold repair rubber, etc
  • Application in machinery industry–rubber roller, tape, seals, etc
  • Application in automobile industry–tires, seal ring/strip, damper, timing belt, tank track, etc
  • Application in the light industry–PU sole, PU synthetic leather, PU fiber, etc
  • Application in the construction industry–waterproof material, paving material, potting material, etc
  • Application in the construction industry–waterproof material, paving material, potting material, etc

Curing Agents

Polyamines are mainly used as curing agents for polyurethane or epoxy systems.
MOCA-HR is a special MOCA grade features with colour stability in high temperature. The colour of the melted MOCA-HR liquid is light-yellow or almost is clear without any changes after heating or reheating several times. The heating temperature is up to 150℃. It is applied in a variety of casting polyurethane Elastomers parts especially manufactured with casting machines. The product is light in colour.

MOCA is a widely used high cost-effective aromatic diamine chain extender or curing agent for casting polyurethane Elastomers. MOCA helps cure the epoxy resin.