Zeolites For Detergent


Zeolite-based powdered detergent is an ecological alternative against the phosphate-based ingredient that is hazardous for the environment.
ZEOLITE 4A is a porous crystalline synthetic aluminosilicate material. It exhibits a net of ordered pores through which molecular sieving and ion exchange processes take place. It makes ZEOLITE 4A especially useful as a water softener ingredient in the detergent formulation. Its calcium & magnesium (directly related to the total water hardness) selective caption utilizing an exchange process with sodium acting as an alkali source for washing medium.


Zeolite-containing ZEOLITE 4A powder and granules can partially or fully substitute STPP (tri-polyphosphate sodium salt) or other builders or softeners in the most common detergent formulation. It can also be used as carriers of surfactants and polymers.


  • ZEOLITE 4A powder performs like a higher calcium reduction material as compared to other detergent builders such as STPP and layered sodium di-silicate
  • It is spray-dried, dust-free & high flow-able white dense granules
  • It is an insoluble white powder displaying excellent properties as an ion-sequester in the aqueous media. It makes ZEOLITE 4A a highly efficient water softener for laundry, even at low doses
  • It is a superior anti-caking agent and flow ability assistant in detergent packaging
  • ZEOLITE 4A powder performs faster kinetics in the calcium-hardness reduction of the liquor using an ionic exchange mechanism, which is very useful in the cost-saving short washing cycles. 95% of the calcium removal gets achieved within the first 5 minutes
  • Good dispersion in water, avoiding deposits in clothes & machines. Thus, No mineral incrustation derived
  • Toxicological & environmentally safe. ZEOLITE 4A powder is not classified as dangerous for humans and the environment
  • Since it is almost insoluble in water, ZEOLITE 4A is easy to separate in sludge treatments versus soluble builders