Machines from Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG.

1. Baumer Cutting Machines

Cutting off Machines
(ABLG 1 & 2)

For cutting of long blocks and short blocks of various length from long blocks.

Horizontal Contour Cutting Machine (OFS-TWINCUT, OFS-221, OFS-222, OFS-HE3)
Machines with Versatile Contour cutting technique using circular or oscillating knife for precise cutting of cushions and mattresses.

Vertical Contour Cutting Machine (OFS-VS, OFS-VW)
All purpose Contour machine for converting sheets/ block ware and 2D contour.

Horizontal Cutting Machines (BSL-D, BST-D)
With TURNTABLE (Corousel) for cutting and splitting of sheets with diverse thickness in large quantities.

Horizontal Cutting Machine
(BST-140, BST-150, BSA)

Automatic machine with reverse table for cutting/splitting of sheets of various lengths by stack cut and splitting machine with De-Stacking system for soft foam.

Peeling Machine
(SMW-1, SMW-3, SMW-5)

For peeling of round or rectangular blocks with weight upto 1 Kg, 3 Kgs. and 5 Kgs. of sheet ware.

Horizontal Cutting Machines (BSL-200, BSL-204, BSL-214 (Automatic))
With Reverse Belt System for cutting and splitting of sheets of various thickness.

Horizontal Cutting Machine (BFS)
Automatic machine with reverse belt system and stationary cutting unit into various thickness and length of 10 M and upwards.

Cutting Lines

For Automatic cutting of block into sheet and sheet into contour, Cutting of 3D parts in process without bonding.

Long Splitting Machines (Looper)
BSV-E (Splitting of glued long blocks 40-60 M), BSV-EC (Splitting of bonded and separate blocks 40-120 M), BSV-ET (Splitting of glued long block 60 or 120 M), BSV-R (Low Cost splitting of long block 20 or 30.5 M), BSV-S (Splitting of flexible material and manufacturing foils from bonded blocks or sheet ware).

Vertical Cutting Machines

For cutting/trimming of blocks/sheets, rectangular cuts from sheets, trimming long/ short blocks to required width, dividing, adjusting & splitting of short blocks.

Splitting Machine
(ES, SPLIT-HE 500 )

Equipped with two pressure rollers for splitting of sheet and roll ware and SPLIT-HE 500 Horizontal Splitting Machine for splitting flexible & hard material.

Horizontal Cutting Machine

For cutting of Rigid Foam, hard and compact material with set knife.

Profiling Machine

For profiling of sheetware and mattress cores from flexible material.

Edge Rounding Machine

For rounding of edges of smaller foam pieces of 70-200 mm height.

Roll Compression System

Compression and packaging of Foam Rolls.

Horizontal Splitting Machine

With reverse belt system and stationary cutting unit.

Block Crusher

For opening of cell structure of foam for quality.

Angular Cutting Machine

For simple cuts from small foam pieces.

Plant Engineering
Block Lifting System, Block Storage System, Gantries and other Block handling systems.

Sponge Milling Machine
(SF-1, SF-3, GF-1200)

For milling of sponge of different shapes and sizes.

2. Baumer Cutting Tools

Highly accurate and long living foam cutting tools :

  • Ground Band Knives (1 heel, 2 heels, 4 heels / twisted / not twisted)
  • Ground Contour Blades
  • Toothed Contour Blades (12 teeth, 18 teeth, 24 teeth)
  • Toothed and Hardened Contour Blades
  • Toothed Band Knives (Pointed tooth, wave tooth, concave tooth, convex tooth, contour tooth, double pointed tooth, double angle toothing)
  • Band Saws (toothed on one side) angle toothing / set, angle toothing / not set, carbide tooth, set with broaching tooth)
  • Cutting Wires (For PU Foam, Polystyrene, Polyethylene foam, soft foam, EVA, Rigid Foam, Phenolic foam, rock wool, mineral wool, glass wool, foam glass)

3. Baumer Spare Parts

  • Longer life time of your machinery and guaranteed cutting quality
  • Cost effective and quick delivery of spare parts. Same day shipping of orders for urgent parts available from stock
  • Recommendations for spare parts based on your inventory requirements
  • Only one supplier for all your needs because we offer wear parts also for other manufacturer’s machines